LIN-CANOLA is an enterprise located in Guatemala, Central America, a region that is comprised of six countries. Guatemala has one of the strongest economies in the Central American region and it is also known for its industrial, financial, agricultural and handcrafts.

Our beautiful country Guatemala is a site and cradle of several multicultural, linguistic, and multiethnic groups inheriting of our great. Therefore, owners of a riches textile and incomparable handmade crafts.

LIN-CANOLA was founded by two Guatemalans, natives of Quetzaltenango (Quiché area of indigenous people) who wished to offer a variety and richness of the Guatemalan crafts under one roof.

In the beginning LIN-CANOLA was located in the old “Mercado Central” (Central Market). In 1977, it was moved to its present location 5a. calle 9-60, zone 1. Currently, the Historic Downtown of Guatemala City.

We also have a new and modern shop IN-NOLA located in the most zone 10, Los Próceres Boulevard.


Our main objective at our two shops – LIN-CANOLA and IN-NOLA- is to offer the best QUALITY of Guatemala handcrafts, variety of articles. Variety in colors, and we are constantly in the process of innovating our stock with ideas that will not only please our customers, but through the quality product and its beauty will be another way of promoting our country Guatemala.

In both shops, we make an effort not only to promote the handcrafts, but transforming it, applying it and diversifying it in all environments to maintain the enterprise ideal production. Also our objective is to provide permanent work to our craftsmen, so that our culture and handcrafts will continue for many years to come.

It is our pride to know that for ever 50 years that has been our objective and it will continue to be for many more years. Thanks to our customers and friends.

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